Bulk Billed Physiotherapy

The Most Promising Bulk-Billed Physiotherapy in West Melbourne
At Noble Physio Care, we provide top-quality bulk-billed physiotherapy services offered to eligible recipients by highly qualified physiotherapists. Our bulk-billed physiotherapy services in West Melbourne would help improve access to our best physiotherapy services for people of every walk of life in the greater community. Our bulk billing physio is sponsored by Medicare.
However, to gain eligibility for our bulk-billed physio services, the recipients would need to have a referral from their doctor with CDM, or Chronic Disease Management Plan (which was previously known as EPC, or Enhanced Primary Care Plan).
What is bulk-billed physiotherapy?
Bulk billing occurs when any physiotherapy clinic charges the Medicare schedule fee for a service, but the recipient of the service does not have to pay anything out of pocket. The most significant advantage of bulk billing is that it results in significant savings for the patient.
However, it is recommended that patients looking forward to having bulk-billed physiotherapy send their Chronic Disease Management referral form via email before fixing the appointment with our physiotherapist. We will evaluate the claim and process it, doing all the paperwork and making sure the recipient is eligible for the treatment. And this is a free service, with no fee charged for any gap payment.
What are the Advantages of our Bulk Billed Physiotherapy?
We offer bulk billing for your physiotherapy, as it comes with a number of advantages. The most obvious of them is the fact that it completely negates any possibility of out-of-pocket expenses for our patients.
This is more beneficial for those who are going through financial crunches or those who are suffering from chronic illness, which requires frequent treatments that may otherwise take a hefty amount out of the patients’ pockets
Another advantage of bulk-billed physio is that it allows patients to get easier access to the best treatment and care. And with no financial restraints, the recipients are open to whatever care and treatment they might need without any restrictions whatsoever. It helps them to avail themselves of treatment as soon as they need it, rather than waiting to make financial arrangements only to see the condition worsen.
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